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Gas Distrubition System

Gas distribution systems that are applied by POLITEKNIK are composed of structures designed based on long years of experience so that the speed and particle distribution is homogenous for the precipitator, which is quite influential on emission performance of electrostatic precipitators.


Gas distribution systems that are composed of 3 of 4 different curtain systems depending on the geometrical structure of inlet and outlet hoods in electrostatic precipitators vary as per industry and type of dust, whereas they are usually composed of perforated sheet profiles and special-shaped wings.


It is usually applied in inlet hoods, whereas it is possible to apply the same for outlet hoods in one raw.


Gas distribution systems are usually required to be equipped with a rapping system depending on the type of dust. Efficiency of the rapping systems should be correct and accurate to avoid occlusion of the systems with dust, which, in turn, leads to interrupted distribution of flow.

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