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Rehabilitation of Existing ESPs

Hundreds of different types and sizes of electrostatic precipitators are in use at cement plants, thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, chemical plants etc.


A substantial part of these electrostatic precipitators were designed and assembled decades ago, thus they are limited to operations in line with the emissions values of the times they were installed.


In line with the increasing environmental awareness today, the dust emission gained importance. Also with influence of the European Union standards in our country, the limit values of dust emission has been pulled down. In addition, crucial investments have been made and penalties have entered into force.


Capacity of obsolete electrostatic precipitators falls short of capacity as the plants increased capacity in the course of time and dust emission values have been pulled down.


Despite sufficient capacities, some electrostatic precipitator systems result in severe troubles for a set of reasons such as poor design, incorrect material usage and faulty workmanship even after couple of years following the installation. The most common troubles with these electrostatic precipitators are repeated short-circuits, or operations in lower electrical performance due to mechanical problems.


Recently, POLITEKNIK improved tens of existing electrostatic precipitators, relying on its engineering experience, extensive manufacturing opportunities and experienced assembling personnel, and attained very good results.

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