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Discharge Electrodes

POLITEKNIK is capable of manufacturing discharge electrodes, which are one of the most important components of electrostatic precipitators, in very different forms. In the course of time, it has manufactured very different and unique discharge electrodes and utilised them for electrostatic precipitator applications.  

Recently, it has included in its range of production rigid, durable and aggressive discharge electrodes that are called “spike-pipe”, which has become, with its proven success, a standard for electrostatic precipitators mainly intended for coal power plants and sinter facilities.  

POLITEKNIK modified the cited discharge electrodes relying on its experience in a set of different applications and also adding its engineering skills, and successfully used them in important electrostatic precipitators intended for coal power plants in recent years.  

Examples for some of the types of discharge electrodes manufactured by POLITEKNIK are given on this page.  

Deşarj Elektrodları